Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

star-wars-battlefront-2BY DEAN MOSES

We at the Spring Creek Sun hope you had a Happy new year! Speaking of the new year, we are kicking off our review with one of last year’s biggest releases: Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Bridging the Gap

Unlike the original title, Star Wars Battlefront 2 includes a story mode that takes place directly after the originally Star Wars trilogy ended. you take the role of special forces agent Iden Versio, but here’s the catch, she is a high-ranking official in the evil Galactic empire. That’s right, developer Dice have switched traditional roles, placing you in the shoes of what would usually be termed as the enemy. While on a secret mission on the moon of endor, Iden and her team witness the explosion of the second Death Star, marking the fall of the empire. Stunned and dismayed by this shocking defeat, and deaths of Darth Vader and the emperor, the special forces must regroup and retaliate. However, during her journey to strike crippling blows to the rebellion, she is forced to face the sad truth: she may not be fighting for the right side. Since the game’s release, the developers have supplemented and expanded on this narrative with free downloadable content that takes place directly before the events of the latest film, bridging the gap between characters and plots.

This is War


The name of the game is battlefront, and that’s exactly what this is. you are placed on the front-lines—especially in the online multiplayer—where you take center stage in some of the galaxy’s most famous battles. After the single player has concluded, the real meat of the game is found online in the numerous modes, everything from galactic assault (which is a series of large scale battles taking place all over the Star Wars timeline), and starfighter assault (similar to galactic assault, except this mode takes players to space in the cockpit of starfighters where they must complete objectives to win the match), to Heroes vs Villains (a game type in which all the series’ most famous good and bad guys and girls face off), along with many more.

The controls are your standard shoot ‘em up affair, although depending on the class you pick, you are allotted different abilities. For instance, the officer class can place down a sentry turret for defense and even grant nearby allies a health boost. By selecting diverse classes in accordance with teammates, squads can greatly complement each other and turn the tide of battle. The tide can be turned even further still with the use of battle points. Battle points are earned by performing well and can be spent mid-match, allowing players to choose vehicles or heroes on the battlefield.

Just like the Movies


The visuals in Star Wars Battle front 2 is quite the achievement, principally the lighting. Sunshine bounces off helmets, reflects off firearms, and pours through treetops. Dirt or snow clings to your outfit, rain drips from alcoves, and—of course—lightsabers blaze and zing with that oh-so-familiar shine and sound. The acting is also outstanding. Actress Janina Gavankar donned a motion capture suit and gave life to protagonist Iden Versio, both through voice and through movement. This game truly looks and sounds like a Star Wars film.

The Controversy


Quite a controversy sprang up just prior to Battlefront 2’s release. It became known that developer Dice and publisher eA was intending on employing a system in which players can—if they so choose—spend real money in exchange for in-game products (like power ups and abilities), eliciting gamers to coin the term “pay to win” in reference to this moneymaking strategy. Although options to use actual money have also appeared in titles such as Grand Thief Auto 5 and Rainbow Six, the inclusion of it here caused consumer outrage, prompting the game’s backers to update the product, doing away with the aforementioned “pay to win” privilege. even though the only currency currently acceptable in the title is the fictitious Star Wars republic credit, the black cloud that many players see as a shameless cash grab still haunts the game.


Controversy aside, Star Wars Battlefront 2 boasts a riveting story mode, fun online multiplayer, and even a couch co-op split-screen. It has competent shooter mechanics and provided me with some truly entertaining moments while playing online. With that being said, this is first and foremost a Star Wars title, so if you are not a fan of the franchise your time may be better spent with similar experiences like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Though, if you are a Star Wars fanatic, you will be in for a great time in a galaxy far, far away