Star Wars Battlefront Review

A Space Opera without the Opera

Game: Star Wars Battlefront
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows
Rated: T for Teen
Cost: $59.99
Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Star Wars? Fly those fast spaceships, fire a blaster rifle, or
meet the likes of Luke Skywalker? Well, thanks to publisher EA and developer Dice, now you can.


A Space Opera Without the Opera

The main premise of Star Wars Battlefront is to allow its players the ability to live out fantasy battles, both the ones you saw in the movies and the ones you did not. However, Battlefront, as of right now, focuses exclusively on the original trilogy, meaning you won’t see a clone army or any Jedi apart from Luke. Battlefront can support up to 40 players in one chaotic online match. This is where you will have the most fun—online. The story mode is nonexistent.

There are three modes replacing a narrative:
•Survival: a mode in which you must fight off 15 waves of enemies in four different environments.
•Battles: simply a standard versus game type.
•Training: a bunch of modes that teach you different game features including, but not limited to, playing as Darth Vader, driving Xwings, and driving speeders through the forests of Endor. The game labels these three modes as missions. These “missions” would be highly forgettable and uninteresting were it not for one important aspect—you can play them all with a friend in local co-op.

There is nothing like sitting beside a friend or family member and blasting storm troopers away. It would have been nice if they allowed you to play with a friend online—where the real meat of the game is. But the fact they added it still makes for a great treat.

Graphics into Hyperdrive

Graphics into Hyperdrive

Simply put, Battlefront looks good, very good. Not only are the graphics stunning, they are also a love letter to Star Wars and its fans. The addition to detail can be seen while the gigantic AT-AT walkers stomp across the map or when Darth Vader force chokes an enemy, and all the way down to minute designs on the Millennium Falcon, including the iconic satellite dish. It is clear that Dice wanted to make this game feel as much like Star Wars as possible, and they did. Even after weeks of battling on the desert planet of Jakku or on the snow covered plant of Hoth, you will still be noticing tiny details that make you say, “Wow, they really got this right.”

Taking Your First step into a larger world

Taking Your First Step into a Larger world

The best term to describe playing the game online is chaotic fun. Blaster fire will fly by your face while spaceships crash into the ground before you, it really is a large scale Star Wars battle—just like in the movies. There are many, many modes to play when venturing online, too. From massive two team battles, both on land and in the air, to smaller skirmishes, and even a game mode where heroes such as Han, Leia and Luke square off against Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Emperor. Also, the maps change depending on the size of the conflict, so although there are only a handful of planets, there are twice as many maps.

If you don’t have access to the internet, Star Wars Battlefront is better left on the shelf. However, if
you do, and you are a fan of the movies, then this is an experience you will be playing for a long, long time to come in that galaxy far, far away.