Starrett City Girl Scouts Celebrate Flag Day


June 14th was Flag Day, an observance that commemorates the creation of the official flag for the United States of America. Every year, the Starrett City Girl Scouts (SCGS) celebrate this staple of American culture by distributing flags to people around the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community. During their latest expedition, the scouts honored both Flag Day and the loving memory of Jerry Killebrew, a Charter Member of the Starrett City Spring Creek Lions Club, who passed away in March 2015.

“We decided to distribute 100 flags, each with a description card about Flag Day and that it is being given to the community in loving memory of Lion’s member, Jerry Killebrew. Before he passed away, each year he would meet with the scouts and tell them all about Flag Day and why it is important,” said SCGS Troop Leader Pam Schwartz.

DSC_0150Daisies, brownies, juniors and cadettes donned their scout uniforms, covered in badges, and greeted students, families and other SCT residents by the Spring Creek shopping center. The scouts exhibited bright smiles as they distributed their flags. SCGS has an outstanding reputation in the SCT community because the girls exude courage, confidence, and character. So it was no surprise that they were able to distribute all of their flags within a few minutes.

DSC_0214Jerry Killebrew’s wife, Shelia, watched proudly as the girls helped commemorate both Flag Day and her husband’s memory. “Jerry loved this community so much, and he would be proud seeing all of the work you ladies are doing. It makes me feel good that people are still thinking of him today,” Shelia Killebrew said.

The SCGS were grateful for Shelia’s support, so they presented her with a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers.

Photos: Amanda Moses