Starrett Early Center’s Black History Celebration


On February 12th, the Starrett Early Learning Center hosted a Black History Celebration filled with poems, musical renditions, and other performances at both of their site locations (125 Schroeders Avenue and 1325 Pennsylvania Avenue).

Kimaura Buntin, 4K Lead Teacher, began the celebration with a short reading from the book Ben’s Trumpet by Rachel Isadora. This fictional tale is about a little boy growing up during the roaring 20s and how much he loves jazz music. As Buntin reads, the children act out the protagonist, Ben, playing his imaginary trumpet.

Once the story was read, the children sang a few songs and then donned accessories for their character reenactments. Each child was given an infamous person in history to represent, two little girls dressed as tennis stars Serena Williams and Venus Williams, one little boy recited a few quotes from Langston Hughes, and another stood tall as he spoke about Thurgood Marshall. The parents clapped excitedly as the children displayed a spectacular knowledge of the characters they played. One little girl even wore a space suit to represent NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison.

Audrey Binns, UPK Lead Teacher, then led the children in a poem entitled, “Hey Black Child” by Useni Eugene Perkins. She also invited the parents to join along with the children when her class performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

At the performance’s culmination, parents, and children were provided with a delicious breakfast, complete with scrambled eggs, home fries, and cheese grits.

Photos by Amanda Moses