Starrett Early Learning Center Engages Parents At Open House


On August 22nd, Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) hosted an open house for parents who either have their child enrolled in the pre-school or are interested in enrolling their child in the SELC. The event provided families with an opportunity to meet the new Director of SELC, Tammy Moore, and to find out more about the school.

As parents arrived to the event some brought their children with them and others arrived straight from work. Moore greeted everyone with a welcoming smile. A firm believer in the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Moore emphasized how critically important she sees the partnership between child, family, and teachers to develop a solid educational foundation.

A holistic education is pivotal for Marcia, who has three children, two of them attended the SELC in Ms. Josephine’s class. Marcia was so pleased with their social and cognitive development that she is enrolling her youngest child, Jacob in the SELC. Marcia has lived in the community for many years and has always been in awe of SELC’s rich history and proven track record. (A little more than half of this year’s Spring Creek Towers’ Scholarship Program recipients started their education at SELC.)

A family who was interested in enrolling their three-year-old daughter said that one of their main concerns is safety. Moore emphasized that safety and a holistic education are crucial factors in the pre-school. She believes in provid-ing an education that is aligned with the New York State Pre-kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (which follows ap-proaches to learning, physical development and health, social and emotional development, communi-cation, language and literacy, cognition and knowledge of the world).
“I want parents to be engaged, and being engaged doesn’t necessarily mean just a physical presence. It means a cognitive and emotional connection with others to create a think tank and/or parent committee so that we can coordinate with each other,” Moore said.

SELC is entering its 43rd year and has proudly provided quality education to many generations of Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at SELC, contact 718-642-8724 for more information.

Photos by Amanda Moses