Starrett Early Learning Center Feasts for Thanksgiving

On November 16th, Starrett City Early Learning Center (ELC) celebrated Thanksgiving a week early with a delicious feast. The delectable meal was cooked at the ELC by the staff and students.

First, the children watched with avid curiosity as the teachers seasoned and then baked the turkey. While the turkey was cooking, the children were able to help make raisin covered stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, and a kale salad.

After the meal was fully prepared, ELC Director, Susan Plesnitzer and her staff served each of the students a small helping of each tantalizing dish. Some students fully embraced the Thanksgiving spirit so much so that they donned Native American headbands (which they handcrafted themselves) while eating their lunch.

The entire event was a fun filled celebration that allowed the children to learn more about Native American history and the importance of being grateful.

Photos by Amanda Moses