Starrett Early Learning Center Marches for National School Choice Week


On January 30th, dozens of tiny children marched outside of the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) wearing bright yellow scarves, hats, and signs with the words “National School Choice Week.” The nursery school held their impromptu parade around the block at 9 am, and everyone in the community saw and heard the ecstatic group as they proudly chanted,

“Starrett Nursing is our place to see a happy face! We come to school, so we can train our brains. We learn and play all day. There is no other way! So come along, and join the fun because we are number one! Hey!”

National School Choice Week was founded in 2011 and is held every January to underscore the importance of educational options for children
SELC Director, Tammy Moore is a strong believer in providing the best educational options for all children. In light of this effort, she thinks of an adage by Walt Disney, in which he states, “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Moore believes that this quote correlates with her goal for hosting their first ever National School Choice Week parade. “My goal for celebrating School Choice Week is supported by this quote. My aim was to foster a deeper sense of pride in our students, families, and staff about where we have each made an intentional decision to either work at or enroll students in.

Celebrating National School Choice week was a first for Starrett Early Learning Center. Feeling good about something you are a part of boosts morale, enhances momentum, and promotes a greater personal investment.”

Parents, staff, and students chanted and shouted for everyone to hear how much they love their school. They also played the song, “Best Day Ever,” which they danced to and swung their scarves around like proud badges of honor. The amount of school spirit, family engagement, and community displayed throughout the week was nothing short of superb. I will continue to impact an everlasting effect on the children. This was the first time that we celebrated National School Choice Week. It’s always nice to see SELC parents, staff, and students come together to speak about their experiences,” said Kimaura Buntin, 4K Lead Teacher at the SELC.

Whether the children are learning the days of the week, month, or the alphabet, the SELC always tries to teach its students the fundamentals of learning. The staunch efforts of these teachers for over 46 years are one of the many reasons why generations after generation of children register to join the SELC.

“Parents and staff working together as a united front in support of Starrett Early Learning Center as their school of choice was a wonderful thing to experience during National School Choice Week,” said Audrey Binns, SELC UPK Lead Teacher.

Photo by Amanda Moses