Starrett Judo Club’s Judokas Belt Promotions


The Starrett Judo Club judokas (students) have accelerated in their training online during the pandemic. They have learned that discipline, determination, and hard work all lead to level advancement and expertise.

For a Judo student to advance to the next level she/he must pass examinations testing technique as well as their understanding of Japanese. Judokas learn 60 different terms describing Judo techniques and they also learn to count in Japanese since this is the language spoken during competitions. Judokas are tested three times during the school year to advance to the next belt level.

During these Judo lessons, the students learn all about the sport, how to become physically fit, and enhance their ability to learn a foreign language. Sensei Legros, Coaches Ms. Washington and Mr. Bonserio are proud of the judokas.

Congratulations to the Judokas on their belt promotions!

Photos provided by: Starrett Judo Club Parents

BLUE Belt 1st degree

  • Dominick Bonserio
  • Kevin Bailey 
  • Adam Faraq 
  • Jerrail Billups    
  • Kelsey Billups 

GREEN Belt 1st degree 

  • Jessiah Bailey 

WHITE Belt 1st degree 

  • Christopher Hearn Lukas Hearn
  • Michelle Sanchez