Stepping On Up


The auditorium of PS 346 was filled with parents and family members of the Pre-Kindergarteners anxiously awaiting their children’s stepping up ceremony. Parents held colorful balloons, teddy bears and all sorts of graduation items for their children. The Pre-Kindergarten students of PS 346 showed their families and friends how much they learned at their stepping up ceremony on Wednesday, June 19th.

The children recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang several songs for their parents and demonstrated their skills while reciting the seven days in a week song, the 12 months of the year song and the Numbers Rock song. These youngsters happily danced while they sang.

Parents, family members, and friends were in awe when they saw a montage of photos of their children from the beginning of the school year, during the school year and towards the end of the year. The growth in these children is outstanding. The audience was able to view the progress of the students through the photos.

The children were so happy to be recognized for their efforts and can’t wait for their next journey into Kindergarten.

As the children exited the auditorium, they smiled and danced to the song Celebration by Kool and the Gang. The party didn’t stop here. The students went back to their classroom and had light refreshments and their parents were able to sign them out of school for the rest of the day.

Photos by: Pamela Stern