Students are Making Strides for Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and schools within the Spring Creek Towers’ community are banding together to shed light on this deadly disease by hosting fundraisers for cancer organizations. According to the American Cancer Society, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among US women and is the second leading cause of death among women after lung cancer.”

There is no cure for cancer, so it is important for both men and women to have preventive screenings. Local schools: Primary School Abe Stark 346 (PS 346), Gateway Intermediate School 364 (IS 364) and Frederick Douglass Academy VIII (FDA VIII) decided to hold walks to urge residents, family members, friends, and all others to be diligent with their doctor visits and help donate towards a cure.

On October 17th, FDA VIII hosted their walk on a brisk, windy morning all around their school and community. Together the students chanted “Find a Cure,” as they marched along Twin Pines Drive, Louisiana Avenue, and then back towards their school on Pennsylvania Avenue. Principal Chantal Grandchamps made sure to cheer on her students, as she ran along the marchers taking selfies with them. She even stopped to thank members of the Department of Public Safety as they safeguarded various crosswalks for the students.

Teachers and students wore black and pink t-shirts with the words, “Frederick Douglass Academy VIII Fights for a Breast Cancer Cure” written across the front. Sixth grader, Marissa Cortes wore pink in honor of the event, and has been making strides for breast cancer since she was in elementary school (PS 346), so it was a proud moment for her to continue spreading awareness with her middle school classmates. “The walk was fun, and it was great seeing everyone join in the chants,” she said gleefully.

On October 18th, PS 346 worked with their Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to host their annual walk. The entire school took turns walking around their playground, some held signs while others chanted loudly so that onlookers would take notice to their cause. The students then ended their walk by tying pink ribbons on their playground’s fence, as a stationary symbol of breast cancer awareness.

“I am so happy to walk! It is cool that we can tie ribbons to the fence, so that more people can be aware of how serious breast cancer really is,” said fourth grader, Yousel Reyes.

The PTA also helped students sell pins, pens, shirts, buttons, hats, calendars, backpacks, and more breast cancer memorabilia to raise money for the American Cancer Society. “As members of the Spring Creek Towers’ community we feel we have a responsibility to support our friends and neighbors in both good times and when they need love and support. Cancer touches all our lives and whenever we can help others cope we want to be there for them,” Principal Kevin Caifa said.

On October 25th, IS 364 students ended their school day with a walk around the Great Lawn in the G-section of Spring Creek Towers. Some students held pink cheerleader pom poms, while others donned bright pink hats, shirts, and other attire indicative of breast cancer awareness.
The middle schoolers in IS 364 took this walk very seriously, as they chanted loudly with their fists in the air causing onlookers to stare from the streets, apartment windows, and balconies. The booming echoes of their shouts, “Stop Breast Cancer” allowed the message to be well received by everyone. Cars honked proudly in response and residents waved their hands in solidarity.

Thirteen-year-old Ki’yara Spann was excited to take part in her school’s annual walk. “I think this walk is a good way for people to come together and show support for a breast cancer cure,” she said cheerfully.

Takya Prospere also agreed that she was proud to participate in her schools efforts. “I feel great walking with my classmates because we are showing everyone, especially other kids, that we do care and we are doing something about breast cancer,” eighth grader, Prospere said.

Photos by Amanda Moses