Students Look Towards Their Future

FDAVIII7By Amanda Moses

As adults, we often underestimate the importance of asking children: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  In light of the gravity behind this question, New York City Schools Chancellor, Carmen Fariña, announc-ed the third annual city-wide cele-bration for College Awareness Day. According to the New York Department of Education’s website, “College Aware-ness Day promotes a college-going culture across all New York City schools and encourages students to consider a range of college and career options.”

Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) VIII decided to extend this college awareness initiative into a weeklong celebration of their students’ future college options and careers.  The middle school is known for its motto, “What is possible for me, is possible for you.”  In teaching this motto, FDA VIII has cultivated their students’ artistic talents, as well as to encourage them to participate in community service.

FDA VIII 01From Monday, January 8th to Friday, January 12th, FDA VIII’s staff, students and parents engaged in a host of college-related activities each day to emphasize the importance of college. Of the many fun-filled acti-vities held that week, the most popular event was “My College Experience BINGO,” which allowed the students to collect interesting college facts from the staff hoping to be the first to get BINGO.

The entire week highlighted the importance of fostering children’s dreams, aspirations and an open mind so that their future becomes a tangible career.  FDA VIII staff member, Georgia Eddings, was impressed by the students’ animated participation. “Staff, scholars, and parents alike enjoyed the community-building activities that supported FDA VIII’s beliefs,” Eddings said.


Photos courtesy of FDA VIII