Students Relay at IS 364’s Turkey Trot

By Amanda Moses

On November 20th, Gateway Intermediate School (IS) 364 held their annual Turkey Trot. The event invited students to participate in a relay race for a chance to win one of 15 turkeys for their families to cook on Thanks-giving. These delectable poultry items were donated to the  middle school from City Fresh, Food Bazaar Super-markets and Spring Creek Towers’ Office of Community Relations and Public Affairs.  Every year, IS 364 hosts this event to ensure that students and their families are able to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner for the holidays. It’s an opportunity for students to have fun, enjoy some healthy physical fitness, and yet it also helps the families in the community. The 15 students who won a turkey to take home were: Travis Gaines, Jayson Torres, Blair Melton, Kewon Singleton, Essence Jimenez, Divine Jimenez, Emanuel Velasquez, Antosh Hagley, Leroy Singleton, Tyleeha Wade, Tyemel Pierce, Eniyah Barnwell, Jamal Mc Allister, Elkins Martinez, Emanuel Velasquez.

IS 364’s administration would like to thank the organizations that donated turkeys, City Fresh, Food Bazaar Supermarkets and Spring Creek Towers’ Office of Community Relations and Public Affairs, as well as all of the students and families involved in the Turkey Trot.

Photos courtesy of IS 364