Students Show Off Their Musical Talents


On April 5th, Spring Creek Teen Central and the Spring Creek Afterschool Program culminated their collaboration with Apollo Theater’s Teaching Artists residency program through a grand performance in PS 346’s auditorium. Since the fall, both youth organizations cultivated their students’ musical talents with tutelage from Apollo Theater’s Teaching Artists.

The first presentation of the evening was a musical performance by three Teen Central members, Sara Fortunado, Angelique Davis and Sky-Lailonnie Owens. These students represented the more advance lessons in digital musical production taught to them by Oliver “Steff” Reed.


The teens wrote both the lyrics and melody, as well as produced the song, “Haven,” using advanced recording and tracking methods. Reed proudly watched his students show off all that they learned during their lessons, which were developed to help students “find the beat in your voice through digital music production and song writing.”

The Spring Creek Afterschool Program had their students focus on the different types of music in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean with lessons taught by Apollo instructors, Claro Delosreyes and Rese Carr. Both gentlemen tried to reinforce their classes by using musical instruments and various folklore stories told in different cultures. Carr focused on teaching the history of the Djembe, a rope-tuned skin-covered drum from West Africa, and the musical beats indicative of various cultures. Delosreyes and Carr worked together to combine folklore tales like the Native American Lenape’s story of creation, the origins of the Chinese Zodiac animals, and the South Asian tale of Grandma’s Great Gourd with musical ensembles.

During the performance, the Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s class divided into three groups: the narrators, the actors, and musicians. The children would take turns reading tales from across the globe, while their counterparts would reenact the scenes. Before and after each scene their classmates would use drumsticks, Djembe drums and a tambourine to create unique rhythms.

Overall, the amazing show displayed the student’s hard work with Apollo Theater’s instructors, their natural-born talent and steadfast determination.

Photos by Amanda Moses