Students Showcase Community Website

Since April, the Spring Creek Sun has followed the Spring Creek After School’s scholastic journey with their awarded grant from the Partnership for After School Education (PASE), which intertwined cultural exploration with digital education. Throughout the school year, the students have learned the fundamentals for building a website, they have researched facts about the Spring Creek Towers (SCT) community, met fellow Brooklyn students from PS 312, who are also participants in the PASE program, and experienced cultural exploration during a field trip to the various art exhibits in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

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“We learned how time consuming the process is to create the site, but it also taught the students team work and trial and error. The kids were excited about learning the specific website language it takes to add pictures and videos on their websites,” said After School Program Director Jeremy Williams.


On June 9th, the program culminated at St. Francis College, where both the Spring Creek After School Program and PS 312’s students showcased their community websites to the PASE’s board of funders. Students from the Spring Creek After School Program proudly displayed the many things that SCT, a quintessential neighborhood, offers its residents, from its very own power plant, vast activities that are available to residents to their local gym/community center, the Brooklyn Sports Club.

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Williams has been overall pleased with the implementation of the PASE program. “The idea that students are able to explore beyond their school and learn about the community is a wonderful thing,” said Williams, who found the program to be educationally enlightening for both the staff and the students.

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Next year the After School Program will be looking into participating in more culturally enriched field trips like museums, historical landmarks and other interesting places. In addition, they will also be reapplying for another PASE grant. Williams says that the After School Program will continue to build upon their website adding more videos of students interviewing residents and other components. “We will divide them in teams that each focus on a different area, such as web making, picture team, and poster board ads). All these components make for an easier transition.”

Photos: Spring Creek Afterschool Program

By Amanda Moses