Students Showcase Digital Photography Talent

In the last issue of the Spring Creek Sun, we highlighted both a new program developed for Spring Creek Towers’ Teen Central, TC Vision, and a media club for the Spring Creek Afterschool Program. These new initiatives have gained a lot of interest from students and are continuing to help them enhance their awareness of technology, media trends, and tech careers.

Program Director, Lonai Mosley, is astounded by how quickly the students are comprehending her lessons,
particularly the Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s Media Club. These fourth and fifth graders have mastered the ability to setup a professional photo shoot within 15 minutes, which includes building the backdrop, lighting, and focusing camera equipment.

Many of the club members have proven that they are well versed in “street photography” because
they use their smartphones to take pictures of things they like outside and self portraits (selfies). Mosley decided to take the club outside to photograph the last days of warm weather. She taught them the
importance of lighting (using reflectors to capture natural light), composition, and framing.

Each student took turns taking pictures in the G Section’s Great Lawn. Some children were tasked with
managing light reflectors, gels, and other filters so that they can compose images with different color tones.
Others posed as models and learned the difference between a candid shot, portrait image, scenery photos, and a plethora of other ways to take pictures.

The Spring Creek Afterschool Media Club was so proud of their work that they decided to share their photos with the Spring Creek Sun.

Photos courtesy of the Spring Creek Afterschool Media Program.