Summer Bruncheon at Be’er Hagolah Institutes


For many busy parents, there are only a few morning delights that they are able to relish in—a freshly brewed cup of strong coffee and perhaps a sweet treat, like a croissant or muffin. These were just a few of the splendors parents enjoyed at the annual summer bruncheon in Be’er Hagolah Institutes.

On August 12th, Be’er Hagolah Institutes culminated the summer with a brunch extravaganza for day campers and their families. The delicious scent of waffles, pancakes, fruit, eggs, and other culinary delights emanated from the school’s cafeteria as parents and family members shuffled to their seats for a morning of revelry.

Rabbi German welcomed and offered his thanks to the families and children for attending the event. He also stressed how much his staff cares for the students. “There are outstanding people here who care for your children,” he said proudly.

The day campers waded through the crowd of families to join their parents at their tables so that they could dine together while watching a 25-minute slideshow, complete with festive music, showing all the fun they had at Be’er Hagolah Institutes. In addition to the food and music, parents and their children were invited to have their photos taken by professional photographers to memorialize the occasion.

Photos by Amanda Moses