Super Daryl Deluxe Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch

By Dean Moses

Game: Super Daryl Deluxe
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC
Cost: $19.99
Rating: T for Teen

An Unlikely Hero


Super Daryl Deluxe follows—you guessed it—Daryl during his first days at Winter Falls high school. Daryl is a lanky dude with large glasses and the first signs of manhood displayed proudly above his upper lip, this is our hero. As any teenager can attest, these mandatory educational years are not easy, never has this been more prevalently shown than in this game’s wacky world. Every school cliché is here, from the jocks and geeks to the Grim Reaper. What, the grim reaper was not at your school? Well, he sure is here. Being the new kid, Daryl is tasked with making friends, how does he do this I hear you ask? By starting a contraband textbook business with the first two kids he meets. Seems like a solid plan, that is until the process of finding these books leads Daryl through time and space.

Time to Fight

At first, I found the combat somewhat tricky to come to grips with. Daryl has an attack assigned to each of the controller’s main buttons, however, once you use a move there is a cool down time before you can use that move again—the likes of which one may find in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft. This game mechanic forces you to use all of the maneuvers at your disposal, instead of relying on one strong action over and over again. When you are not fighting, you will be exploring. The school has lots of hidden secrets and side missions to uncover. For me this is where the game hits a bit of a snag. While the combat is deep and fun, the exploration portions can drag, pulling me out of the fun I was having in battle. While exploring you will gain new abilities in battle and your social level will increase, which of course is very important in high school.


Super Daryl Deluxe excels in the visual department like a straight A student. The graphics are hand drawn illustrations. The anima-tion of Daryl’s flailing legs and spaghetti arms is a joy to watch, as are the equally gorgeous background environ-ments. When you first boot up the game a written message pops up stating that developer Dan and Gary Games tried their very best with this game. While this is a funny statement, players will be truly able to see the love they poured into the experience.


Seeing as comedy is such a subjective matter, I must applaud Dan and Gary Games for making me laugh out loud on more than once occasion. While the fun may drag at certain points, leveling Daryl up, engaging in combat, and soaking in the visuals is a unique and amusing experience.