Supercharged Rollout of Superhero Films

By Amanda Moses Avengers

If you have recently seen billboards or television commercials portraying men and women who fly, have claws for fingers or shoot lasers from their eyes, they have been promoting today’s (May 23) official release of the seventh X-Men movie.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the latest major motion picture to star the classic Marvel comic book characters.  The film’s premise is centered on mutants who are shunned by society because they are born with the “X gene,” which gives them special powers.  The mutants known as X-Men attempt to show they are not to be feared by protecting a world filled with people who despise them.

Once thought to appeal just to children and to have no box office potential, these colorful characters exploded onto movie screens in 2000 and have led to a supercharged rollout of superhero films. The development of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and other special effects enable directors to re-create the action packed spectacle of comics and add a humanized dimension to the characters making them relatable to all audiences.   

Gaining more fans with every movie released, the genre has led to yearly Marvel films.

In April, Captain America: The Winter Soldier began this year’s silver screen superhero season. The hero, created during World War II as an American patriot to help sell war bonds, got Spring Creek Towers resident and comic enthusiast Kyle Bratton, 19, ecstatic about its release. “It was amazing! The action scenes were awesome, especially with Falcon,” Bratton said that it was like watching Captain America jump off the comic strip and onto the screen.

Not all fans are impressed with the rollout of superhero films. “I feel like I am drowning in Marvel,” said vintage comic book collector Jacob Reyes, 17.  He is disappointed that six years after Sony released Spider-Man starring Toby Maguire they decided to remake the franchise with actor Andrew Garfield.

He loves the creations of Stan Lee, the mastermind behind some of Reyes’ favorite heroes, like X-Men and the Amazing Spider-Man, which both premiered this month. 

“[The directors] could do better,” he says the latest installment, despite gaining great commercial success, “messed up important plot points.” He saw the protagonist Peter Parker (Spider-Man) as a brave intellectual, who lives by the saying “with great power comes great responsibility.” But the new series depicts Parker as facetious, and “it did not follow the comic’s story line.” 

If you enjoy these movies for the history, you read the comic books as a child, can relate to some of the characters, or just for fun; you are in good hands this year and for many to come with Marvel.

Marvel Madness Continues

The X-Men are not the only dose of crime fighting action heroes that have taken over the big screen this year and they will not be the last.  If you cannot get enough crime fighting action, here is a list of new movies and television series to be released:

·     Guardians Of The Galaxy, August 1, 2014

·     Avengers: Age of Ultron, May 1, 2015

·     Ant-Man, November 6, 2015

·     The 3rd season Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will premiere on ABC Spring 2015

·     Agent Carter television series will premiere on ABC Winter 2015

·     X-Men Apocalypse, 2016

·     Wolverine 3, 2017