Taking a Gander at Untitled Goose Game

By: Devonte Griffiths

Game: Untitled Goose Game
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
Rating: E for Everyone
Price: $19.99

With the rising prevalence of games based on intricate mechanics to learn, it’s nice to see a game that simply focuses on comedy. Untitled Goose Game is a small and brief game that allows the player let loose and have fun.

In this game, you take the role of an unnamed goose with the goal of terrorizing the neighborhood. The game wastes no time telling the player that the game’s only focus is having the goose mess with people in various ways.

There are very few mechanics present. You play as a goose who can run, honk, grab things with its beak and flap its wings. That’s it. The game gives a to-do list for the goose to perform tasks. The tasks are easy to decipher, but the process to perform can range from incredibly simple to mildly brain-teasing. This game doesn’t want to make you think too much since its main focus is getting you in the mindset of a goose that just wants to ruin everyone’s day.

Aesthetically, the game only uses the core essentials. With simplistic blocky models and easy to recognize pastel colors, There aren’t many songs featured with most of them carrying the same tone of upbeat, town life. However, there are a few dynamic tracks that follow the goose’s actions and can create tension when hijinks are about to ensue.

The game’s main appeal is its sense of comedy. With a very British sense of comedy, this game relishes on physical gags and the sheer absurdity of a goose going around to ruin the lives of everyday people. The goose does hilarious things that range from dragging a farmer’s rake into a lake to untying a kid’s shoelaces to make him fall on his face. The expressions on people’s faces and the sound effects that accompany them make running and being a jerk goose so much fun.

The game can be completed in a single session with only around 2 hours of playtime. While that is short, there is really nothing quite like Untitled Goose Game. Comedy-driven games have existed before, but none that came before made the player as involved in creating their own humor as this game. With a price tag of $20, the choice to get this depends on how much fun you can get out of it.