Teen Central Alumnus Hopes To Be A Catalyst For Change


It is said that born leaders have a certain aura about them, a personality that exudes confidence and strength. These individuals have a steadfast demeanor that inspires others around them to do better—to be better. Former Teen Central member, Elijah Moore, is one of these individuals.

Upon graduating Science Skill Center High School, Moore knew he wanted to pursue a career that would help him become a catalyst for change, and inspire others to follow in his footsteps. He wants to become a defense lawyer in a time when black youths are undergoing racial stigmatism, social marginalization and economic disparity. “I think it’s important that we all know our rights, and I want to defend those who need my help,” Moore said.

Moore has always been an astute individual with the gift of gab, and at a young age he realized the inequality black men, like himself, face. In light of this, he knew that the only way he could invoke change is through the criminal justice system. After he studied hard in high school, Moore applied, and was accepted to, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

In August, Moore will be entering his second semester of college where he is majoring in criminal justice. Through his studies he has learned a lot about the American legal system and constitutional law. He hopes that by maintaining a 3.1 GPA he will be able to be on the Dean’s List and be accepted into the honors program where he can take advanced classes. Moore credits his parents for his work ethic because he comes from a family of college graduates who believe in hard work and pursuing their dreams.

He is afforded an opportunity to become an exceptional lawyer, and he wants others to know that they can do the same. We are often painted a bleak picture of society, a world where the color of your skin affects how some people perceive you. Due to this, Moore finds that the road to achieving success is hard, but he knows that it is possible. “There are so many African-Americans that are in the legal system even though they are innocent,” Moore said.

Moore hopes to earn his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and then his goal is to be accepted into St. John’s Law School. Photos provided by Elijah Moore


Teen Central Program Impacts Members’ Lives

Many of Spring Creek Teen Central’s members have found the program to be like a home away from home. For decades the youth organization has been a fun-filled and an enriching environment where teens can: play basketball, swim, do their homework, but most importantly teens are given helpful resources for future career preparation. Teen Central’s caring staff provides members with lifelong lessons such as financial literacy and preparing for job interviews. This preparation has been helpful for the teens to use in their high school and adult years. In this spotlight section, the Spring Creek Sun will catch up with Teen Central Alumni and find out where they are now in their careers.