Teen Central Member and Basketball Star Prepares for College

unnamedBy Amadna Moses

Khalil Rhodes looks like your average senior attending Xaverian High School. But Rhodes is anything but average. He is a city and state basketball champion that is being observed by Division 1 level colleges (the highest level of intercollegiate athletic schools). Since he was a little boy, he loved playing basketball. “My parents told me I had a ball in my hand since I was in a crib. I even had a little hoop in my bedroom in,” he said proudly.

Rhodes’ basketball career didn’t truly begin until 7th grade when he joined an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) team. Before that he was mainly playing ball with his friends within the Spring Creek Tower’s community courts. “I think I grew to really love basketball when I joined a team,” he said. From that moment on Rhodes took to studying basketball techniques and continued practicing strategies until he had it down perfectly. His main position is point guard, which is considered the driving role in basketball because these players run the team’s offense by controlling who gets the ball and at the perfect time. “I love how basketball is so competitive and I can tell when I am getting better. It keeps me focused. It’s also a great feeling when you play a good game with your team,” he said reminiscing about his previous matches.

The 17-year-old basketball star plans on going to college and hopefully receiving a full ride athletic scholarship. He hopes to someday be a memorable basketball player like the 76ers’ retired shooting/point guard, Allen Iverson. As for his future dreams, Rhodes said he wants to make a living doing something he loves. “I want to become a pro-ball player, it doesn’t matter if it’s overseas, or maybe a writer,” he said. For a teenager, Rhodes is determined to succeed. “I like to set goals. If I am struggling with something, I work towards progressing and perfecting it,” he exclaimed.

Rhodes’ parents taught him to work hard to get what he wants nothing is handed over to someone who doesn’t try. He credits his parents and private school education for his continued determination. “The criteria in my school is a lot harder, you need a 70% to pass so this makes you work extra hard,” said Rhodes, who has a B+ average. He believes in perfecting his skills both on and off the court. At the moment, his favorite subject is English. “I think I am a very good writer, and when I get to college that will be my major.”

Rhodes is currently visiting Division 1 Colleges and determining which one would be a perfect fit for him.

Photos: Kalil Rhodes


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