Teen Central’s Basketball Tournament


Throughout the month of August, members of Teen Central kept up their competitive spirit with a series of basketball games. Members were split into seven teams to see who had what it takes to make it to the final tournament. On August 24th, the youth center ended the summer with their final seasonal basketball tournament in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium.

The atmosphere was tense as the final two groups used cunning, teamwork and skill to beat their competitors. The staff at Teen Central developed the summer tournament in hopes of teaching members the importance of staying active, working together and participating in a structured sport. “I think this was a good experience for the teens to show their competitive spirit and understand the structure and rules of basketball. It’s one thing to play outside with your friends, but it requires more skill to play with a referee calling the shots,” said Johnny Rosario, the Teen Central Recreational Specialist.

Both teams received medals for participation, but the winning team took home large, golden trophies. Jaquan Carlos scored the most points, so he earned an additional trophy for being the team’s Most Valued Player (MVP).

Photos by Lonai Mosley