Teen Central’s End of Summer Pool Party


On August 19th, Spring Creek Teen Central ended their summer fun and blissful days of relaxation with their annual pool party in the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). The wonderful affair was held on the BSC sundeck, where Teen Central’s staff plugged in their speakers and played a variety of music for their members to listen to as they swam or ate delicious snacks.
Swim caps, goggles, and bright swimsuits were the outfits and accessories of choice for the teens. Some chose to use multiple Styrofoam noodles (hollow, light-weight cylindrical float devices) to swim across the pool, while others swam under the water with sharp aquatic precision. There was no shortage of laughter and fun to be had, whether the group of teens were splashing around the pool or sitting on the sundeck soaking up the warmth.

For those who preferred to keep their feet on dryland, members were able to play a wide array of board games while eating pizza and cupcakes (the food was provided by JaffaCares, a community safety initiative created by Jack Jaffa & Associates as a thank you for Teen Central’s participation in their Safety Sunday event on August 4th).

The festivities lasted about two hours, and everyone admitted
that this event was the perfect end to their summertime fun.
Teen Central’s staff were very appreciative of the food donated by JaffaCares and were reminiscing about the awesome Safety Sunday event they hosted with participation from the Department of Public Safety, NYPD’s 75th Precinct, FDNY, and others.

Photos courtesy of Spring Creek Teen Central