The 10 Signs of Readiness

Whether the start of potty training comes earlier or later for your child, you’ll get your cues on “when it’s time” from your child. That emerging independence starts shining through and they’re eager-to-please. Now is the time to start actively watching for these signs of readiness for potty training.

pottytrainingAsk yourself if your child:

•Stays dry for at least two hours.
•Is dry after a nap.
•Is uncomfortable in soiled diapers.
•Shows increased interest in the bathroom.
•Asks to use the toilet or potty chair.
•Has regular and predictable bowel movements.
•Asks to wear Big Kid or “grown up” underwear.
•Uses words or body language when he or she needs to go.
•Follows simple verbal directions.
•Walks to and from the bathroom, helps undress his/herself.


If your child shows two or more of these signs, it’s a good indication that they’re ready to start potty training.