The Art of Crafting Jewelry


Over the course of eight weeks, members of Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) hosted a Jewelry Making class with teaching artist, Donna Miskend. SCSP Director Theodora Ziongas explained that she wanted to instill a class that promoted new learning skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, focus, and the ability for seniors to express themselves artistically and share their culture. “This program was funded by a Catalyzing Creativity Grant from Lifetime Arts and is the first of three arts programs funded by them for our community,” said Ziongas.

Teaching artist, Donna Miskend  is a firm believer of teaching her students how to make fine art jewelry, and not just silly knick-knacks pieced together. The first lesson she taught her class was how to make beads from paper, a tradition used in Ghana, and up-cycling items many would normally throw away. Miskend then asked the seniors to choose their personal color story, which could be colors that are found in a magazine’s fashion spread or even nature (like the orange, yellow and green of a daffodil).

The participants learned a great deal about the tools necessary to craft necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They practiced complicated techniques, such as fabricating a multi-strand bracelet, single-strand necklaces, and combining these methods with intricate color patterns.

Annie Belle James is an avid fan of jewelry making, a craft she has been practicing for the past three years. James loves participating in many of SCSP activities, and when she learned about the jewelry crafting program she became extremely excited. “I thought the class was beautiful and very interesting. I joined because I wanted to learn new crafting techniques and how to make different hook claps,” said James who showcased a beautiful necklace with large colorful ornaments.  

Close friends Carmen Rodriguez and Daisy Effre also joined the jewelry making class because they love the creativity involved in creating jewelry. “The class was wonderful! We had fun making all sorts of jewelry, and it was great creating fond memories together,” said Rodriguez, who made a necklace with a key on it. She called it the “key to her heart.”

On April 4th, the art class culminated with a display of everyone’s work over the last eight weeks. Many of the seniors de-signed jewelry that could be considered high fashion.

Photos by Spring Creek Senior Partners