The Beauty of NYFW and Nana Judy’s Runway Debut


On Thursday, September 6th, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) kicked off its celebration of the season’s most stylish looks at Spring Studios in Manhattan. For the first time, the Spring Creek Sun was on the scene photographing and observing the glitz and glamour that define NYFW. The theme of this star-studded event embraced female strength. The words “Fashion is Changing” were etched on the walls of Spring Studios with hundreds of female empowerment buttons surrounding it. “Earned it,” “Worth the Investment,” “Superwoman,” and “Female Force,” were some of the encouraging statements that were emblazon on colorful buttons both pinned to a wall and available in jars for attendees to wear.

There is a common misconception that the fashion world is superficial. NYFW disproved this fallacious perspective by allowing designers to use their platform for activism. This year’s shows also offered The Talks, which were in-depth conversations with industry leaders, artists, and icons who are cultivating positive change within the fashion world. Some of these discussions included, Female Founders in Fashion, Fashion is Changing, Artists in Residence, Anatomy of Collaboration, and so much more.

The spirit of fashion and camaraderie could truly be felt within the halls of Spring Studios. In the lobby, attendees of all various backgrounds chatted together over a blushed latte and delicious chocolate truffles. Others sat on plush pink couches and sipped on Badoit sparkling mineral water while gushing over the clothing they saw on the runway. In addition to the pink and gold Parisian ambiance, one of NYFW’s leading partners, TRESemmé opened a popup salon where guests can receive a free dry hairstyle.

One of the highlights at NYFW was attending Australian designer Nana Judy’s debut runway show. For the first time, the Melbourne-based clothing brand showcased its urban style in NYFW. According to the designer’s website, “Nana Judy is inspired by the confident, carefree attitude of the young and free. The collections stay true to their original legacy, yet pushes a new frontier like never before. Built for the streets and designed for the progressive, by continuously evolving each individual piece as a brand through exclusive fabrics, never before seen elements and unique designs to provide you with some-thing like no other.”

Upon waiting for the show to begin, the cameras were already flashing to capture the stars sitting in the front row, which consisted of Nico Tortorella (actor from Younger and The Following) and his wife Bethany C. Meyers, actress Jasmine Sanders (known for School of Dance), model Joy Corrigan, travel blogger and model Jamie Kidd, and Bachelor reality star Corinne Olympios.

When the lights began to dim a hushed murmur filled the gallery, and then trance dance music began to play. Victoria Secret model, Josephine Skriver led the show in a tight black mini dress and fleece jacket with designer name Nana Judy etched all over it. One by one the models sashayed across the runway wearing comfortable street designs, from metallic bomber jackets to acid-wash sweaters to denim on denim with silver chains hanging from the sleeves and pant legs. One model even strutted across the runway floor with her Dalmatian print denim skirt and jacket joined by a cute Dalmatian dog happily walking at the same pace.

Winnie Harlow was another in-famous model posing for Nana Judy as she walked through wearing a sheer black top and metallic bomber jacket, showing off her beautiful skin. Later in the show she also wore an all-white shirt and pants outfit with silver chains hanging along the sides.

The Nana Judy runway show was truly a sight to behold because it was fashion that everyone could enjoy and wear anywhere.  

Photos by Amanda Moses