Big Gaff @ The Movies: “The Good Lie” is Compelling Cinema

MOVIEIMAGEthe-good-lieThis is too easy. The economic system we live under pays you for working. I won’t be paid for this review. It is a pleasure to spread the word about this wonderful film. It is painful to see the cruelty and all too often murder of peaceful and Sudanese farmers, caught in a mindless and Godless war, which they had no role in starting or promoting. Yet, I found the joy of watching the children caught in this insanity, rise above the evil surrounding them to be worth the discomfort and guilt I felt as a powerless observer.

“The Good Lie” is an important film, this is a film that is often painful to watch, as I mentioned above, but the reward of seeing them survive and journey half way around the world to reach these shores and find new meaning in their lives is pure joy for those lucky enough to be sitting in the dark and watching this unfold.  You will feel guilty about being so comfortable in your seat, while they suffer and sacrifice just for a drink of water.  Yet, that level of concern is a tribute to you and the film makers.

When these young people reach America and have to deal with modern urban life, you will laugh, but you will also appreciate their ability to deal with a world that would be like you landing on Mars.  Let me cut to the chase – if you can watch this film and not be “moved,” I would not ever want to cross your path, you would scare me.

Reese Witherspoon is listed as the star, but the unknown Africans are the stars, but their names would not sell any tickets and Reese was fine in her role, helping the immigrants settle in and find their place in the vast nation of immigrants.

You will have to look for this picture, it won’t be featured in giant ads like “Alien Transformers” or “Super Heroes from Jupiter vs Frankenstein”.