The Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Jessica Jones



By Amanda Aponte-Moses

Superhero television shows and movies are popping up left and right. So it’s no surprise that Marvel has recently announced, at New York Comic Con (NYCC), a new series that will premiere on the streaming service, Netflix.

The newest hero on the block is Jessica Jones, and like her Netflix streaming counterpart Daredevil, the show will take place in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. Jones is very much the anti-hero in this tale. The series follows Jones, a private detective, as she investigates a missing person case. However, this case will resurface past horrors, which will force Jones to decide whether to fight back or flee for her life.

Jessice JonesAttendees at the NYCC event were able to see the first ever screening of Jessica Jones’ pilot episode: Ladies Night. The cinematic details are just as stunning as its counterpart Daredevil, however, with more of a dark New York City noir. The episode showed Jones suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which was caused by her ex-boyfriend, the villain Kilgrave, who inflicted both physical and mental abuse on Jones. Her personality is off-the bat callous and distant, but it is very much mysterious as to what caused her to be this way. In addition, the episode showed small samples of Jones’ superpower, which is superhuman strength. According to the comic book lore, Jones is said to be able to lift a car without any duress, can resist a lot of physical damage, and is able to fly.

The origins of Jones’ power is not revealed in the first episode, but her strength is shown when a criminal tries to escape her grasps by driving away. She stops him by simply lifting the back of the car, preventing his escape.

New York Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 1 Production Concept Art Poster by Alex Maleev & NetflixOne interesting twist discussed at NYCC is that the new series will be swapping genders for the superhero, Iron Fist, who’s secret identity is Danny Rand. The character will be renamed Jeryn Hogarth and will be played by actress Carrie-Anne Moss. The plot twist depicts Moss’ character as a rich and powerful lawyer, who is also a lesbian. The series brings forth an updated, well-rounded and diverse universe that is riddled with drama, action and suspense.

For the first time fans were able to see both the pilot episode of the never-before-seen series, and meet the entire cast of Jessica Jones. Moderated by Marvel’s Head of Television and series Executive Producer, Jeph Loeb, this exclusive panel had these main cast members in attendance: Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker), Eka Darville (Malcom), Erin Moriarty (Hope), Will Traval (An NYC Cop), and CarrieAnne Moss (Jeryn Hogarth) and Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones).

In a question and answer session, Leob asked the cast how they felt about being a part of the Marvel Universe? The cast’s answers were:

Jessica Jones Q&AMelissa Rosenberg (Show runner): “It’s been a pretty crazy ride. Jeph and I have been working on this for four years. And to be sitting at a table with the show and the cast is an extraordinary payoff. It’s been a long-haul.”

Erin Moriarty (Hope): “It was an amazing experience. I got to work mostly with Krysten and CarrieAnne, these strong women playing these amazing roles. It’s a dream. I was happy to be a part of a show like this, telling this story. It’s amazing.”

Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeryn Hogarth): “It’s been great. I am telling you guys, that every one of these scripts at some point during the reading of them, I went “Oh my God, I can’t believe that just happened.” It’s rare for me because I read a lot of scripts, like I see things coming. I am telling you, the writing is impeccable. It’s incredible; the storyline is so rich and our leading, beautiful woman is amazing. So as someone who’s embodied that female warrior, action-person, it was a great pleasure to see Krysten Ritter do it on a whole other level. It’s so exciting to be a part of Jessica Jones.”

Rachael Taylor (Trish): “One of the reasons I wanted to do this part is because of the richness of the female friendship. Melissa has created this friendship between Jessica Jones and Trish that is flawed and complicated and loving, and all of these different shades of jealousy and just real life girlfriend kind of stuff that we have with our sisters. We haven’t seen that depicted on television in quite that way.”

“When I heard Krysten Ritter was playing Jessica Jones, I knew there was no other actress that could embody the kind of deep emotional backstory stuff that’s needed and still make it super sassy and funny. It is filled with dark humor. It’s pretty rad, we had fun.”


The entire season of Jessica Jones will be available for streaming on Netflix on November 20th.

Photos by Dean Moses