The Newly Elected Starrett City Tenant Association Executive Board

On May 11th, members of the Starrett City Tenant Association (SCTA) met at the Brooklyn Sports Club to cast their annual vote for the executive board. The votes are in, and listed below are your newly elected SCTA board members:

President: Rebecca Caraballo (D5)

1st Vice President: Florence Hall (A3)

2nd Vice President: Ruth Horowitz (D4)

Treasurer: Deborah Adams (B2)

Financial Secretary: Beverly Cunningham (G8)

Recording Secretary: Stella Dobson (C5)

Corresponding Secretary: Patricia Monjardo (C3)

Sergeant‐at‐Arms: Bunny Wecker (G2)

The next SCTA General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club. In attendance at the next meeting will be members of management, maintenance and public safety. This meeting will also include the installation of new public safety officers. A reminder for members of the SCTA, the $10 yearly dues start on 7/1/2016 and run until 6/30/2017. The SCTA are seeking building representatives (one of the responsibilities includes submitting progress reports at SCTA meetings).

If you are interesting in joining the SCTA, as a building representative, or if you have any questions please call 718‐642‐3892.