The Stars Are Out For PS 346’s Prom


On June 6th, Abe Stark Primary School 346 rolled out the red carpet for their fifth grade prom in the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) gymnasium. It was a night of glitz and glamour with spectacular Hollywood themed decorations.

Upon entering the BSC’s gymnasium, the students walked along a thin red paper-carpet that lined the floor with golden stars and a black border, leading to the entrance way where a golden fringe doorway curtain gleamed in the light. The words VIP,

Stars, and Hollywood greeted attendees at every turn. Everything shined, including the students who were the real stars of the event with their gorgeous outfits and celebrity-like demeanor.

The celebration started at 4 pm and as the students trickled in, they each took selfies, hugged, and complimented each other on their beautiful clothes. Some boys wore matching red suits with their friends, while others showed off their cool swagger with a fedora hat and sunglasses. The young girls made sure to tap into their inner divas with their lovely curled hair, dresses stuffed to the brim with tulle, and their outfits were paired covered in rhinestones and ribbons.

The children danced the night away to popular hip-pop, R&B, rap, and techno beats. Sometimes they formed dance circles, showing off their break dancing-like skills, while others hopped around to their own rhythm. They ate, laughed, and made sure to use their smart-phones at every opportunity to ensure they will never forget the fun they had. The party ended at 7 pm, but the students are sure to be talking about this Hollywood themed dance for days to come.

Photos by Amanda Moses