The True Horror within The Evil Within


By Dean Moses

Rated: M for Mature
Consoles: PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360

As a reader you may ask, what is the most frightening thing about the recent horror video game, The Evil Within? Could the most horrifying aspect be the chainsaw wielding Goliath? Perhaps it is the mysterious man in the hood, who can cause the player’s skull to explode by merely raising his hand. For me, the most terrifying feature was neither of these things, nor was it any man, monster or trap this game sends your way. It was, instead, the difficulty. The Evil Within could well be the hardest and most frustrating game you play this year, but it also could be the most addicting.

The Ghastly Setting

The gamer plays as Sebastian, a detective charged with investigating a hospital for the mentally insane, yet the detective’s investigation soon leads him to dark villages, dilapidated cities, gloomy caves and many more unnerving landscapes. While traversing these levels Sebastian will die, a lot. Make a wrong turn and a bomb will blow him to bits, walk too fast into a new area and a sniper may pick you off with a quick shot to the head. From the moment Sebastian enters that hospital his life will be filled with acid, gas, spikes, fire, zombies and all manner of monsters.

A Man’s Only Defense

Initially only armed with a lamp and a pistol, Sebastian must fight, and mostly run his way to the next area, and to more weapons if he has any hope of survival. The officer can also sneak up behind his adversaries to deliver a killing blow with his trusty knife, or alternatively, throw bottles he discovers along the way to distract enemies. Although the game slowly feeds you more weapons and allows the player to upgrade the good detective’s skills with jars of strange green gel, findable throughout the game, this will not help much against the punishment in store.

What is the evil within this game?

On the normal setting (survival) the game will be hard, even for seasoned gamers. The player will surely be longing to hear Clair de Lune, the composition which emanates from a save point, or the flash of a checkpoint icon on the screen, marking the end of one frustrating section of the game. Yet one can never be truly thankful for these brief moments of respite, because although it marks the end of one infuriating part, the next is guaranteed to be sheer moments away. But with the heartache The Evil Within will assuredly bring, also comes something positive, the sense of achievement the gamer will derive from completing each one of its 15 chapters. There is nothing like conquering that boss you have been stuck on for over an hour with your last bullet, the anger of being trapped in that level evaporates into blissful triumph. Although some may find the host of monstrosities in this game to be scary, the true fear comes with your death, after death, after death. Nevertheless, if you’re brave enough to face this evil within The Evil Within, then you will find a rewarding experience. However, don’t face these fears lightly, you have been warned.

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