The Witch is Back: Bayonetta 2 Re-Releases on Nintendo Switch


Game: Bayonetta 2
Platform: Nintendo
Rating: M for Mature
Cost: $59.99 (Includes download for the first Bayonetta game)

Since the Nintendo Switch launched one year ago this porta-ble/at home hybrid console has received an influx of remasters (games that originally released for a different system before being ported over to the Switch), Bayonetta 2 being the most recent of which. Bayonetta 2 first hit the Wii U back in 2014. Is this re-release worth your money? Let’s find out.

The Witch Hunts

The interesting thing about the Switch’s library of remasters is that they often come with two games instead of just one, making the fact that you are purchasing an older title that much sweeter. Resident Evil Revelations arrived with both titles in the series and so does Bayonetta: the first game is packaged in with a download code while its sequel is on a cartridge.

So, we get two games for the price of one, but what exactly are they about? Well, the player takes con-trol of—you guessed it—the title character: Bayonetta. Our heroine is a super-powered witch who can use her hair to shape-shift into different animals to defeat her foes. Through both games you will aid her in battling all manner of enemies, great and small, angelic and demon with the use of firearms attached to her boots and hands, and, of course, magic. The story itself starts off pretty basic—Bayonetta has lost her memory and must uncover her past as she delves deeper and deeper into the game. For a hack ‘n’ slash title the narrative can be somewhat convoluted yet nevertheless engaging. Al-though, if you are not a big fan of stories in video games the gameplay can still be enjoyed even if you skip every single cutscene.

Got all the Moves

Pure fun. That’s the best way to describe the gameplay here. Akin to the Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden series, Bayonetta is all about fighting over-sized enemies and stringing together a massive amount of combo moves. Attack, doge. Attack, doge. Attack, doge is the recipe for success. At first rapidly flipping back and forth between offense and defense can be somewhat difficult to become accustomed to. However, after a few hours players will be flipping, firing, and kicking like a true witch. Our lady can also transform into bats and a large cat in order for her to travel faster and reach otherwise inaccessible locations. Not only that, she also has the ability to slow down time. If you dodge just when an adversary attacks, time is brought to a screeching halt for a few seconds, allowing you to get in some hefty blows without fear of retribution. This method can also be used to stop the flow of water or falling rocks which can then be scaled to reach the next area. There is equal measure tactics and platforming.

Holding up well?

The games look dated—especially the first one—there is no doubt about it. But the Nintendo Switch is not about graphical power, it is about being able to play this type of game on the go. Therefore, when you take a step back and look at what is running in the palms of your hands, it is truly jaw-dropping, so much so it would almost be inconceivable a few years ago. The colors pop, and there is almost no lag when playing in handheld mode, which is all we can ask for.


Bayonetta is one of the best ports to hit the Switch to date, and well worth your money. With Bayonetta you get two action-packed games for the price of one! The witch is back!