The Year of the Rooster

2255731146_dcb3af56df_oBY AMANDA MOSES
The celebration of the New Year has come and gone. We have shelved our 2017 glasses, plastic top hats and noisemakers, but, for some, the New Year has only just begun. Saturday, January 28th marks the lunar New Year for China, which is also known as the Spring Festival. Traditionally, this festival honors the family household, their ancestors and holy deities. Families enjoy delicious meals together and children are often given red envelopes filled with lucky money and well wishes for the future. The Spring Festival is a time for joyous celebration amongst friends and family as they welcome a New Year and spring.

In New York City, the Chinese New Year is a grand event filled with colorful floats, dragon dances, delicious food and so much more. If you are interested in joining the revelries, stop by Sara Roosevelt Park in Manhattan on Saturday, January 28th for the New Year’s Day Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural festival. The Chinese New Year Parade will be taking place in Chinatown on February 5th at 1 pm. The parade runs down Mott Street all the way to East Broadway, culminating at Sara Roosevelt Park.

Did you know that 2017 is known as the year of the rooster? It is said the rooster represents fidelity and punctuality.

Photo courtesy of Mark Crossfield via Flickr.