This Summer Let Your Natural Beauty Shine


This summer while you are taking in the rays and enjoying the sun, it is also important that you take care of your skin and watch the kind of makeup that you use.

If you don’t think that the sun will affect your makeup you sure are wrong! It sure can! The effects of the sun and the heat can make your makeup melt and that is not what you want to happen. Through-out the summertime you want to feel fresh, cool and vibrant. 

You don’t want to feel as if your makeup feels like it is caked on, and that is a good reason for you to wear less makeup and let your natural beauty shine. During the summer it is a good idea to wear less makeup but, even with wearing less makeup you can still be alluring and sensuous.

Makeup artist, Marisol Rivera says that it is important to make sure that you use moisturizer on your face. Moisturizer is an important part of taking care for your face.

Also, Rivera says that for the summer it is a good idea to replace your foundation (because with the high temperatures and the heat the foundation will melt) with a luminous glow. There are various types of luminous glow that you can purchase either online or at your favorite retail store. A luminous glow is a primer that will allow your natural beauty to shine.

Once you have your moisturizer on and your luminous glow, a little bit of mascara and your favorite lipstick or lip gloss you are ready and set for the vibrant summer. Rivera echoes Marilyn Monroe’s famous saying, “The best makeup a girl can wear is her smile”. You can be enchanting both during the daytime and also in the evening.

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Photo by: Marisol Rivera