Time for the Fall Harvest Festival


The Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA) held their annual Fall Harvest Festival on Wednesday, October 31st in the basketball courts outside of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). Over 300 people attended this event. More than half of the attendees were children. The SCTA charged an admission of $1 per person. Included with this admission price, children received a glow necklace, and a goody bag which was filled with candy, chips, water and also a toy. The admission price also allowed both adults and children to have some hot cocoa with no additional cost.

This family fun event had parents dressed up along with their children. There was something for everyone at this annual Fall Harvest Festival, there were ring tosses, ball tosses, a DJ spinning some cool music, and even a High Striker (also known as a strength tester, which is an attraction used in fairs, etc. A Players goal is to ring the bell suspended on top of the tower. If the lever is struck with enough force, the puck will rise high enough to hit the bell, indicating a success.). The two biggest attractions were the Inflatable Pumpkin Maze and the Inflatable Rock Wall Slide. The children were lined up to participate in these fun activities. In the Pumpkin Maze the children had to navigate through the maze. In the Rock Wall Slide, the children had to use hand-eye-coordination to climb up the wall in order to slide back down.

The costumes that the children and the adults wore were cute and creative. “I was impressed by the turnout of the community. The interaction of the parents and the children playing the games together was great to see. It made my heart happy to see the comadrie within the community. I would also like to thank everyone who made the Fall Harvest Festival a great success from the volunteers to the parents and children,” said SCTA President, Rebecca Caraballo.

Photos: Pamela Stern