Top Five: A Day in the Life of a Superstar Comedian

TOP FIVE POSTERBy George Gaffney

“Top Five” stars Brooklyn’s favorite son and mega-star, Mister Chris Rock. This very talented young man also directed the film.

No one I speak to seems to love this movie and I think I see the problem. The
film does not follow the regular / normal structure of a comedy. The main character has a problem to solve and goes about this task in an odd / silly / stupid manner and we laugh at him or her for their ineptitude. We know and are comfortable with this traditional format / pattern of comedy presentation on television and the silver screen.

Chris has actually made a film about a day in the life of a superstar comedian. The problem is that we, the audience, like the old format. Chris is not telling joke after joke. He is just moving through his day and taking us along for the ride. He is not stopping to satisfy our hunger for jokes as often as we would like.

Chris has a large group of well-known personalities doing guest appearances and I won’t name them and take away the element of surprise in the film.

There is a very brief, but tremendously emotional exchange between Chris and a relative. It was very powerful, yet it was easily missed if you did not catch on to the man being his father.

I consider this a good start for Mister Rock as a director, but the Day In The Life format just was not what the audience was expecting. The good part was this storyline allowed Chris to include a ton of his show business pals to do “bits” in this film.