Trash Chute Maintenance


All Spring Creek Towers (SCT) trash chutes and compactor systems were cleaned and regular maintenance was performed.

Here is what was done:

  • The first step was to conduct a visual inspection of all trash chutes and compactor systems.
  • Removal of all buildup of grease and sludge on all refuse chute surfaces.
  • Conducted power washing of each chute and shaft using a crane system and a rotating pressure washing head
  • Applied advanced bio-enzymatic formula to the refuse collection and compacting system. This formula clings to vertical surfaces and dissolves all organic debris.
  • Unbagged household trash tumbles down the refuse chute and coats the shaft with material that promotes bacterial growth, attracts insects and rodents, and creates unpleasant odor.
  • Introduced industrial strength organic deodorizers to each of the refuse collection rooms. Currently SCT is in the process of developing an ongoing maintenance program for trash chute maintenance.