Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Review


unnamedBy Dean Moses

Game: Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection

Platform: PS4

Rated: T for Teen

Cost: $59,99


The PlayStation 3 had a trilogy of games that defined it—a group of games that were a must play for all Sony fans. Now these three games have come to the PlayStation 4 (PS4), in one, glorious, revamped package.

Uncharted Territory


For anyone who did not own a PlayStation 3 in the last eight years, the Uncharted series has been the staple of Sony’s console, much like Tomb Raider was in the 90’s for the original PlayStation. The game series follows Nathan Drake, a sly, handsome and rather comical treasure hunter, who gets himself into bad situations, à la Indiana Jones. From jumping off ledges and diving into murky waters, to fending off gangs of mercenaries and strange monsters, Drake does it all.

Good Looks Never Fade


When you play Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (the first of the trilogy) it’s hard to believe it is eight years old. Yes, it does not look as polished as the later Uncharted games, or as pretty as other PS4 games, but for a title this timeworn, it holds up remarkably well; owing mostly to its upgrade to 60 frames per second. The jungles still look lush, rivers still gush with the same gorgeous blue water and the characters’ features still pop nicely. However, when you move on to the other two games in this collection, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, things become even more jaw dropping. Wading through falling blizzards and barreling deserts that fill your television screen truly shows off the changes in this collection.

Feel the Love


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection flows incredibly, whether you are running from an enemy, clinging to hanging vines, leaping from falling buildings or riding on the top of trains—the upgrade to 60 frames per second is noticeable in the most wonderful of ways. It is clear developer Naughty Dog wanted to celebrate the achievements they made with their three fantastic games by lovingly remastering them for an audience that may have missed them the first time around, and for players who want to experience the adventure anew.

Missing a Trick


Starting with the last batch of consoles, there have been many HD and video game remaster collections hitting the market, all of which vary in quality. Producing a collection of old games can mean one of two things: The developer and/or publisher have refurbished the graphics and play style, or they have put together a bundle of games with the intention of a fast cash in. Thankfully, Uncharted follows the former, however, it is by no means perfect. There are no extras on the disc. No characters bios or behind the scenes making of documentaries, and to top it all off, this game comes with a $60 price tag. This is not too bad considering that there are three games to sink your teeth into, yet they are years old and can be picked up for less than $10 each, pre-owned for the PS3.


These games are witty, fun and as endearing as ever. The improvement in graphics, along with the addition of 60 frames per second vastly improves the experience. If you have never played Uncharted before, this is a must buy. Yet, if the games are still fresh in your mind, you may want to hold off until the price comes down.