Va Va Vroom…

By Pamela Stern and Amanda Moses

Get Ready! Get Set! Drive!

The 118th New York International Auto Show drove into the Jacob Javits Convention Center and will be parked there until April 8th. Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, this is a great opportunity for you to experience the different types of vehicles that are on the market. Visitors can see the advancements in touch screen dashboard technology, upgraded driving gear, and a host of safety features that go along with these sleek new and redesigned cars.

The New York International Auto Show has something for the whole family to enjoy. The main level has various car manufacturers with their own setup. For example, Ford Motor Company had a massive screen displaying a street simulation of someone driving and using smart technology to determine the best lane to maneuver into. Nissan had an “E pedal” product trial to show you the difference between the standard gas and brake pedals versus their latest one-pedal driving feature. Attendees could also adorn virtual reality headsets with Toyota’s Comfort Ride VR to experience the plethora of locations their cars can traverse, or stop by Chevrolet’s Tech Studio where they can drive small remote control cars on a table-sized track.

Intelligence is a word mentioned frequently at the New York International Auto Show. This term is used to describe vehicles with smart technology, such as cars LED monitors, backup rear-view cameras, in-car Wi-Fi capabilities, and self-driving software. This year’s show really honed in on displaying the cars of the future available now, such as Nissan’s ProPilot Assist (a driver assist system), safe guard technology like Subaru Forester’s DriverFocus (which scans a person’s face for signs of fatigue), and other advancements.

According to a New York International Auto Show press release, there were even a host of companies (Cadillac’s SuperCruise on the CT6 sedan and Mercedes Benz’ Drive Pilot on E-and S-Class models) that boasted self-driving capabilities that can operate in “mixed traffic situations from stop-and-go to freeway speeds, these companies’ vehicles make the sort of decisions that a human driver would, from maintain a safe distance to the car ahead, changing lanes, following twisty and curvy roads and slowing down and speeding up with traffic.”

There are many different car manufacture companies that have vehicles for you to try out, albeit you can’t drive the vehicle, you can still go inside and play with some of the innovative features, get an up-close look at concept vehicles that are only for display, and see revamped classics like the Trans Am.

On the lower level of the New York International Auto Show, there are some classic cars and mostly Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s). This is an opportunity for you to go into the SUV’s and “try” them out. This floor showcases all of the environments SUVs are meant for, from trudging through the muddy forests of Alabama to smoothly driving up the frozen mountains of Colorado. There are heavy duty pick-up trucks on display with tents attached to them and even cars made for your four legged friends, like the Nissan Rogue Dogue 2 (which included a doggy ramp, specially made carrying area, and other pet-friendly features).
There is also a section for children to get behind the wheel, featuring a maze and child-sized jeeps that they can drive through.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle or just interested in browsing futuristic and classic cars, than the International New York Auto Show is definitely the place to go and look at all of them at once.

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Photos by Pamela Stern and Amanda Moses