Vegetables and Homemade Pasta-Voila!

By: Pamela Stern

Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman has teamed up with Sensei Parnel Legros to teach the Starrett Judo Club’s judokas about nutritional content in the foods that they eat and healthy cooking lessons on Mondays from 5-6pm.

Since Roytman has joined Sensei Legros, the judokas are learning about the foods that they eat, how to prepare and safely make some easy dishes with some laugher and fun along the way.

This week Roytman and Legros were teaching the students how to make vegetables and homemade pasta. The recipe easy to make and the students were also able to use their creativity as well.

First, the students know that before they handle anything to do with cooking that they must wash their hands and dry them. The judokas are given a list of ingredients prior to the lesson, so that they and their parents can prepare for it and make sure that they have all of the items that are needed.

For this week’s lesson, the ingredients are:

  • Broccoli
  • Green peas
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Bell Peppers (2 different colors)
  • Legros’ spices
  • Avocado
  • Olive Oil
  • Flour
  • Celtic Salt
  • Water

Also needed are:

  • Measuring Cup
  • Butter Knife
  • Bowl to mix
  • Rolling pin

The judokas and their parents first filled a pot with salted water and boiled the water.  Then they took one cup of water and poured it into the mixing bowl with three cups of flour and three tablespoons of olive oil, while in the mixing bowl they kneaded the ingredients into a ball shape. If it was too sticky, Roytman said to add another cup of water and continue kneading it. Once they had a ball shape they then put it either on a cutting board or on a workspace on their table. Now they rolled out  the ball shape with the rolling pin (or if you do not have a rolling pin, you can use a can to roll it out) as flat as possible. This is where the creativity comes into play, Roytman told the judokas and their parents that they can cut out whatever shapes that they wanted to, this is creating different shapes for the pasta. Roytman said if they had cookie cutters they can use that or they can simply cut strips to make the shape of spaghetti. Each judoka created their own shapes for the pasta.

After creating the pasta shapes, the pasta was placed into the boiling water for three to five minutes and then transferred to the serving dish. The judokas and Sensei Legros cut up the vegetables that they were going to use and put them into a skillet, and then they sprinkled some Celtic sea salt, turmeric, black pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder onto the vegetables and stirred them up. Once, the vegetables were ready they placed them into the serving dish, along with cut up avocado pieces.

After the students had their vegetable and homemade pasta in their serving dish, Sensei Legros said a blessing and everyone took a taste of their creation. The judokas really enjoy their nutritional and cooking lessons with Garden Educator, Jacqui Roytman and Sensei Legros and enjoy the fact that they are not just a “judo” group but, they are like a close knit family.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern