Virtual Exercise and Nutrition with Coach Legros


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Coach Parnel Legros hosts virtual judo and nutrition lessons for the Starrett Judo Club utilizing the video/audio application, Zoom.

Students are ready and can’t wait for their lessons as they log on to see their sensei and their friends virtually. They are happy to be able to maintain social contact through Zoom.

Coach Legros starts the exercises with his judokas and counts to ten in Japanese,”Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, sichi, hachi, ku, ju,” recited Legros.

“We do ten exercises to warm up the whole body every time when we have Judo. Can you show me these?” Legros asked while requesting that the participants take turns to showcase the exercise techniques from head to toe.  As he counts with them, he critiques their positions and postures.

Legros allows the students a 30-minute break; this helps him so he can prepare for the nutrition lesson.

After the break, both students and parents or guardians are ready to learn about nutrition. In the first cooking lesson, Legros explained to the audience the different tools that he uses in his kitchen, like the mezzaluna knife and he showcased the various spices he uses, emphasizing Celtic Sea Salt as the most nutritious seasoning. This salt alone has 92 minerals and vital trace elements.

Legros’ comical humor makes cooking fun and shows everyone that it is not that hard to do. He keeps it simple and in this lesson he created a healthy sandwich that everyone can enjoy.

This sandwich contains:  Ezekiel Sprouted Bread, Vegenaise, red pepper, turmeric, black pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Guacamole, Organic Sunshine Burger, Alfa Sprouts, and a tomato. “This is a great option for students to eat. Regular mayonnaise is high in fat and oil, this is why I recommend Vegenaise, (a vegan, gluten-free plant-based condiment),” Legros said as he smeared one teaspoon of Vegenaise onto the bread.

He mashed an avocado, and mixed it with sliced peppers jalapenos, and seasoned it with cayenne powder, garlic, turmeric, and black pepper. “Avocado is a good fat for you, it is loaded with nutrients,” he said.

Legros shows everyone how he cooks a shitake, veggie burger called Organic Sunshine from Whole Foods in the oven (not using oil, only a non-stick glass pan).

Lastly, to complete the dish, he places Alfa Sprouts onto the burger, adding turmeric and cayenne powder for an extra spicy kick. “Let me explain to you why I love this sandwich: it has vitamin K, which is very important for blood pressure. Eating sandwiches like this will reduce arterial stiffness,” he said. While Legros completed his demonstration, he prepared for his next nutrition lesson for the adults.

In his evening session, Legros introduced himself and said, “Since everyone has been working remotely, I decided to do an activity on wrist and arm stretches to help prevent carpal tunnel (also called median nerve compression).” He demonstrated the exercises with the class and explained that, “Each of these movements help with blood flow and concentrate on stretching the muscles.”

Legros then showed his class how to prepare a Root Soup. The ingredients were celery root, turnip, carrots, sweet potato, cilantro, and olive oil. He sliced herbs and vegetables and placed them in a food processor. Once blended, he added water and a tablespoon of olive oil. As the soup boiled, he slowly combined turmeric, cayenne powder, garlic powder, and black pepper. After the soup had boiled, he garnished it with parsley leaves.

“Both the sandwich and the Root Soup are jam-packed with nutrients, minerals, and are both low in calories,” Legros said.

If you are interested in the Judo program or adult nutrition and exercise lessons, please email Eurydice Robinson at for more information.