Virtual Yoga Classes


The Spring Creek After School Program is helping their students become more mindful, active, and relaxed with virtual yoga on Mon-days and Fridays. These sessions are inter-twined with the programs weekly themes: Mindful Mondays and Fitness Fridays, and reinforces the importance of centering their minds, reducing stress, and becoming disciplined.

Last weeks virtual yoga session included fourth and fifth grade participants. Their instructor, Ms. Stacy showed the students how to properly stretch their bodies using their chairs for balance and as a resistance force. She also introduced them to the concept of taking in deep breaths to relax themselves and release negative thoughts.
“Take nice deep breaths in and inhale and exhale and let it out. Wiggle your fingers and toes,” said Ms. Stacy.

She also taught the class the vocabulary used in yoga, the different position names, and the health benefits of staying active indoors.

She ended the class with her palms together, and said “Namaste,” which is a salutation in yoga that infers respect toward another person.

Screenshot by: Pamela Stern