Walking For a Great Cause


On October 24th, the Spring Creek Towers’ community (SCT) joined the worldwide effort to make strides against breast cancer during their annual community walk. The hub of the day’s activities was at the Geneva Loop section’s “Great Lawn,” which was filled with participants wearing various shades of pink, a color that permeated every shirt, hat, table cloth and jewelry worn by attendees.

IMG_6880The Starrett City-Spring Creek International Lions Club, was the fundraiser’s coordinating sponsor, and led over 200 community members and friends in the 45-minute trek within the loops of SCT. However, despite the participants’ exuberance for fighting for a cure, this year’s walk was also a somber one because two members of the Lions Club, who were avid participants in the walk, passed away from cancer— Jerry Killebrew and Jean Holden.

Yvonne Killebrew, daughter of the late Jerry Killebrew, announced to the crowd, “Thank you for coming out and walking with us. I know that this is breast cancer awareness month, but cancer is cancer. So instead of just walking for breast cancer, we are going to walk for life!”

IMG_6848At precisely noon, the sixth annual walk commenced on the “G Lawn,” with each step made by participants, heads turned, people cheered from their terraces and cars stopped in awe of the community’s effort. The sheer amount of support was contagious, so much so that many onlookers stopped what they were doing to join the walk.

The “Making Strides” walk is a part of a national campaign created by the American Cancer Society (ACS) to help raise money for cancer research and breast cancer awareness; along with honoring those who have survived, currently battling or have passed away from the disease.

IMG_6987According to the organization’s website, “This year nearly 14 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday, thanks in part to the progress [ACS] has already made.” The society has worked towards helping support cancer patients emotionally by connecting them with breast cancer survivors for emotional support, providing one-on-one health care guidance, rides to and from treatments or medical appointments and any other help that they may need.

IMG_6855Even with all of these efforts, a cure has still not been found, and more than 585,000 people are expected to die from the disease according to the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research Progress Report. Event coordinator, Janice LaCroix believes that a cure is possible, and is hopeful that the money raised during the SCT walk will help find one.

“Although the weather wasn’t the greatest this year, we had a large number of dedicated people who came out. We care about breast cancer, and all other types of cancers,” said LaCroix. “The walk, in a small way, makes me feel like somewhere, somehow I am helping a patient or a survivor of cancer.”

IMG_6870After the walk, everyone gathered at the “G Lawn”, where participants were entertained by a DJ and a live rap performance about cancer awareness by MaKeeba Lewis. As the events of the day proceeded there were many raffles, children playing tag, and members of the Lions Club, Starrett City Girl Scouts and other community groups selling various breast cancer paraphernalia to raise funds for a cure for the ACS.

The Starrett City-Spring Creek Lions Club, Inc. set a goal of raising $12,000 in donations from the cancer walk. The Lions Club will continue to collect donations until December 15. Donations can be sent to the Starrett City-Spring Creek International Lions Club, PO Box 172, Brooklyn, NY 11236 (all checks must be made payable to the American Cancer Society) or donated directly to the American Cancer Society by calling them at 800-227.2345.


Photos by: Amanda Moses