Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

From the kindergarten to the fifth grade, P.S. 346 students and teachers transformed their school’s hallways into winter wonderlands. Using themes from books and stories they read or knew about, they decorated every hallway’s walls and some floors.

Polar ExpressScenes from popular winter stories like Let it Snow, Polar Express, and a winter on Broadway make for grand, extravagant displays of their imaginations and talents. Pictured here are sections of the third grade’s life-size Polar Express Station train and passengers that wrapped around the entire hallway.

train_3090The school wide decoration project creatively combined students’ reading and math abilities with their artistic thoughts and talents. The fun project was also a competitive one. Each floor’s design will be judged for its theme’s creativity, continuity, originality and the infusion of academics. Based on the decision of the judging panel composed of outside staff and community members, the winning designers will receive a trophy for Best Design.