Warner Bros. Television Takeover at NYCC

Legends 02By Dean Moses

With Marvel’s The Avengers striking gold at the box office, and Batman V Superman being one of the most anticipated films of next year, superhero team ups are ruling the silver screen. However, that leaves a space that needs to be filled in the small screen; thankfully, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is here to fill it.

At the New York Comic Con (NYCC,) Warner Bros. held a panel showing off their plans to take over your television screen. The panel began with two trailers: one for season four of Arrow, the crimefighting hero that uses a bow and arrows to dispatch his foes, and season two of the Flash, the tale of a man with super speed. These shows have been running for a few years now, and much like their movie counterparts, they feature crossovers. But the team ups are not ending there. Once these two trailers were shown to a cheering audience, the lights went down again and a third trailer was exhibited: DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow, a new television show that is set in the same universe as Arrow and Flash, (so plenty of team ups with already established characters are possible) and includes some familiar faces that you will recognize if you are a fan. The trailer showed Arrow and Flash talking to a new team of heroes, “Sometimes we are not enough,” said Flash. Well, he does not have to worry about that anymore. The clips proceeded to demonstrate each hero in action.

Legends Poster

Hawkgirl: This super hero has wings that allow her to fly and a large mace that she uses to clobber foes into submission. Ciara Renee plays Hawkgirl.

White Canary: An ex-assassin trained by the League of Shadows, White Canary appeared in multiple seasons of Arrow. Caity Lotz plays White Canary.

Heat Wave and Captain Cold: These two were supervillains in the comics with the power to shoot heat waves and beams of ice respectively. Dominic Purcell plays Heat Wave and Wentworth Miller plays Captain Cold.

The Atom: Also appearing throughout Arrow, the Atom, a billionaire, genius that can fly and shoot beams of energy from a suit he created. Brandon Routh plays the Atom.

Firestorm: previously seen in episodes of the Flash, Firestorm can engulf his entire body in flames. Victor Garber plays Firestorm.

Rip Hunter: An English time traveler that has brought all the heroes together to fight Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump). Arthur Darvill plays Rip Hunter.

Legends 01Once the action packed trailer concluded, cast members; Arthur Darvill, Brandon Routh, Ciara Renee and Show runner, Phil Klemmer, took to the stage to talk about the show and answer questions from fans. When asked what it was like to write this original show, Klemmer responded, “It is very exciting to write that. We’ve selected characters that backstories and personalities haven’t been as fully fleshed out as other characters in the DC universe. It means we have a huge amount of latitude in reimagining them. In the same way that I feel Arrow and Flash were able to dig under the humanity of their characters, and the fact that we are taking this crazy collection of people that have never even breathed the same air, it feels very fresh.”

By Dean Moses

Photos by Dean Moses