Watching the Solar Eclipse from SCT

Photo Aug 21, 1 30 07 PM

For those who did not have solar eclipse glasses, the sun looked as bright as ever.


Monday, August 21st was not the usual dreary work day. In fact, many New Yorkers, as well as others across the United States, gathered in parks to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse (when the moon passes between the sun and earth blocking out the sun for a period of time).


The Spring Creek Sun captured the eclipse using a solar filter over the camera lens.

Some people stopped by their local libraries to pick up special glasses with solar filters, so that they can safely look up at the sun without damaging their retinas. Others made pinhole projectors from cardboard or out of paper.

Tina Brown sat on a bench by the G sections “Great Lawn” with her family using their smart phones to take pictures of the eclipse. “We’ve never seen something like this before and I wanted my family to get first-hand experience from this scientific event,” Brown said.


Photos by Amanda Moses