Ways to Stay Fit this Summer in Spring Creek Towers


The sweltering days of July have taken their toll on each and every one of us at Spring Creek Towers (SCT). Some may be wondering how to cope with August, which is predicted to be just as hot. Well, it isn’t too late to get in shape, or to keep the shape you have because your SCT community has everything you need. From bike lanes, and basketball courts, to playgrounds, and spacious green lawns; SCT has an array of diverse spaces and methods for residents to get moving, even in the heat.


Running Lanes

As a runner myself, with the goal of one day running the complete 26.2 miles of a marathon, I notice the waves and smiles of runners everywhere. In SCT, the lift in spirit coming from the endorphins of happiness, after a run, make it all worthwhile. After running, many say they are able to say “good morning” with energy, and newfound enthusiasm. With the Belt Parkway and its running lane so close by, in addition to the countless paved paths, and grass-surrounded ovals, it would be difficult, even for the brightest procrastinator to come up with a reason not to exercise. Running is more than just a cardio workout; it’s an opportunity to see your community in a different light. Whether you are grabbing a buddy, and running from the A-section all the way to the H-section, or just testing your limits alone, running offers an endless opportunity for an essentially free way to grow positive vibes, whilst honing in on muscle. And if running is truly daunting, you can start speed walking. The light breeze curving around the corners of the buildings in the community can help you pick up momentum.


Bike Lanes

Biking is and always will be a favorite to many. The feeling of losing the training wheels as a child and pedaling on your own is exhilarating. As long as you are wearing a helmet, and protective gear, biking is a way to commute with speed, while giving your upper, and lower legs a run for their money! Your upper body strength can also improve, and you can probably expect more than a few stares on your next beach day. From improved joint mobility to a stronger sense of coordination, bikers report great experiences. With all of the beautiful scenery in and around SCT, it is a great opportunity for all residents to take advantage of. Additionally, you will be helping the environment, and Ways to Stay Fit this Summer in Spring Creek Towers bringing a summer smile to all.


SCT isn’t comprised of five basketball courts for nothing! Teenagers especially have been seen snagging the courts – trading air conditioned apartments and the latest gadgets for an active and sweat-provoking day out. The CSection basketball court has just received brand-new flooring, which is helping to add an industrial feel, different from the past colorized flooring. Young people in love with basketball are taking advantage, and truly love the endless opportunities within the sport. While some remained competitive I found SCT resident, and teenager Jordan on the court in the H-Section. He humbly exclaimed, “Basketball became special to me because of the fun and competitiveness.” He went on to say that the game continues to show him “the will to never give up.” Even with rain in the forecast on a summer day, it was hard to find a court without a ball and its players. Sitting outside of the Green Park I was stunned to see one of the four courts empty. I was soon proved wrong as a little boy rode his bike, while one rode his scooter to the court helping to frame and complete the picture of an active B-Section

Playing in the Playground

A hard downpour was in the forecast, but so were the laughs, giggles, and pitter-patter of children’s feet against the floor of the Orange Park sprinkler system Parents told me, “Look you can see, they’re happy!” One continued while in her beach chair, “I’m definitely worried about the rain.” She explained that the kids would have to grab their towels, and end their fun; because once it starts raining – she would be leaving. But a speedy line loudly followed “I’ll be back tomorrow!” Children all over Spring Creek Towers are extremely active, and ready to tackle summer. A school year of work means a summer of riding the scooter, shooting 3-pointers, and running to the ice cream truck. That is, after all the meaning of summer.

Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before starting any of these activities.

Photos: Malick Mercier