What’s Cooking at Starrett Early Learning Center’s Harvest Feast


Students in the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) had a feast on Friday, November 16th in anticipation of Thanksgiving. These youngsters were having a lesson about the five senses and what better way to learn about these senses than to pair them with a cooking lesson! This approach for the children, allows them to be cogni-zant of their newly found senses, while applying them during a cooking activity.

All of the children in the SELC participated in the Harvest Feast. Each of the classes contributed to this wonderful feast. On the menu was; turkey, kale salad, corn bread, corn salad, cranberry sauce, rice and peas, banana bread, peach cobbler, fruit salad and to wash it all down there was milk. All of the salads, corn bread, cranberry sauce, and even the peach cobbler were made by the students. Everyone had fun, learning about the five senses and preparing their dishes that everyone was going to enjoy.

SELC Director Tammy Moore said, “It was an absolute pleasure watching our students contribute to and participate in SELC’s Harvest lunch. This event was a perfect example of unity, sharing and community.”

Photos courtesy of SELC