X-Files: The Truth Has Been Found at New York Comic Con

Xfiles01By Dean Moses

The X-Files’ slogan has always been “the truth is out there.” For fans of the long running TV series, the truth was found in New York at the tenth annual Comic Con (NYCC). The Jacob Javits Center played host to many star-studded panels over the course of NYCC’s four-day extravaganza. One of the most anticipated, however, was a panel with the creator and cast of X-Files. The Spring Creek Sun was at the scene covering this NYCC exclusive panel and the showing of the first episode of the revived series.

xfilesposterAfter a packed audience had taken their seats, Kumail Nanjiani, host of a fanbased XFiles podcast, took to the stage and announced that the lucky crowd would be among the first to view a full episode from the upcoming series. The avid fans roared in excitement before the room fell dark and the large screens flickered on. After a brief intro recapping the series, the iconic music began to play, marking its first return since the show went off the air in 2002. The room became filled with cheers and thunderous applause, “I have goosebumps,” one attendee murmured to himself after hearing the classic tune. Forty-five minutes later the same appreciation was shown with a rousing, round of applause once the episode had concluded. Kumail Nanjiani appeared back on stage, but this time he was not alone. David Duchovny, (Agent Fox Mulder) Mitch Pileggi, (Walter Skinner) and Chris Carter (series creator and executive producer) also joined him for a question and answer session. When asked what it was like to play Mulder again Duchovny responded, “The fact that Jillian, (Dana Scully) and Chris and Mitch were there, when we get together it’s more instinctive at this point. It just feels right.” The panel was not all serious though. Nanjiani provided the auditorium with a few laughs as well. Jokingly he said to Pileggi, “We just met today, I was a little scared to meet you because Skinner is a very intimidating character, but you’re very different. How did you create this character?” Smirking, Pileggi replied, “I look at Chris’ writing and it just happened. The character is very similar to my father. I watched my father. His demeanor just kinda seeped into what I was doing with Skinner. I didn’t realize it until my brothers watched the first episode I was in and they said, ‘that’s dad.’”

Xfiles02The first episode of the new series showcased the fact that Mulder and Scully have had a relationship issue. They are no longer an item, and the tension between them was a major talking point in the panel. “Why are Mudler and Scully not together?” asked a member of the audience.

“I was going under a bridge, on the bridge above us it said life has many bumps in the road. I think Mudler and Scully hit one of those,” Carter replied. However, the fan did not let up on her desire to see the two agents in a relationship, “Don’t you think they are stronger than that?” she asked, amidst laughing spectators.

“I like that they are not together, it gives them someplace to go. I think we want to see them struggle, if Mulder found the truth that’s the end of the show,” said Nanjiani.

After the panel had finished, fans were treated to free X-File posters for attending the panel, the same, famous poster Agent Molder has hung up on his wall in the 90s TV show. The new series of X-Files will air on Fox on January 24, 2016. Photos by Dean Moses